The 1.4 million members of our volunteer organisation, serving in over 200 countries and geographic areas are different in many ways but we share a core belief – community is what we make it.

Charities & Local Groups

Calne Lions prides themselves on the wide range of causes they support, from national charities to local groups and organisations. Below are just few of the groups we have supported in the last few years.

National/International Aid

We have raised money for and supported relief efforts for national & international disasters including the recent Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis, floods in Pakistan, the Ebola Crisis, the Nepal Earthquake and the floods in Somerset & Cumbria.


In addition to helping local and national causes, we also receive various requests for help by or on behalf of individuals within our Community. Calne Lions’ Welfare Committee carefully consider these requests and where appropriate help is given. This help may be in the form of financial donations, we may be able to refer these individuals to other agencies who are better placed to help or they may require more practical assistance.

Within the last year Calne Lions have helped families in financial hardship, who needed immediate help with food or electric top ups; ill children who have needed help with transport for hospital visits and families in need of help purchasing essential equipment.

Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. Although we cannot offer financial aid in every instance, we will always do our best to help if at all possible.

If you have a specific need you can apply to Calne Lions for help, complete our Contact Form.