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Entry into the Ducklings Race is now closed

We hold a special Ducklings’ race for children’s groups, using the bigger decoy ducks which can be decorated however you want (the only rules being no motors or remote controls).

Eligible Children’s Groups:

  • Pre-schools, playgroups, nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools & academies
  • Children’s charities, support groups, activity groups, clubs, faith groups, sports teams or voluntary groups specifically set up for children under 16

There is a trophy and certificate for 1st place, certificates for 2nd and 3rd place and participation certificates for all entrants as well as a trophy and certificate for the “Best Dressed Duckling”.

Entry into the Ducklings’ Race starts at £10 per duck (if you have entered previously and need a new duck there is an additional £6 surcharge).

Ducks need to be brought to the start line on the morning of the race by 10am, ready for judging and then be collected from the finish line (by Marden House) at the end of the race.

Calne Lions cannot store any ducks after the event.

To buy a Duck for the Ducklings’ Race, complete the online order form. You will be e-mailed a receipt for your records, and if this is either the first time you have entered the Ducklings’ Race or you have entered previously and asked for a replacement duck then your duck will be delivered in due course.

If you are a registered charity and would like to enter our Ducklings’ Race, please contact us before ordering.

By purchasing entries for the Calne Lions Duck Race, you are agreeing to the Duck Race Terms and Conditions.

If you have any other queries about Duck Race please visit our Duck Race FAQ’s page or contact us.

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